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Commercial Construction

Commercial Kitchens – Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach

Commercial Kitchens are probably one of the most challenging areas to build or renovate. Building codes and requirement for kitchens is in-depth and must pass numerous inspections before receiving a certificate of occupancy: health inspections, fire inspections, and complicated electrical work.

Commercial – Grove Bank & Trust – Coconut Grove, Florida

Even though it doesn’t have to be said, the specifications and attention to detail that’s required when constructing a bank are quite involved. Grove Bank & Trust knows the quality of the work that David Landy Construction embodies and has repeatedly chosen David Landy Construction as a preferred contractor.

Retail Tenant Improvement

While we all wish we didn't have to spend money to update and modernize our retail space, that's not the case. Retail space needs to stay competitive and offer a modern and enticing space for its customers.